Aura-Soma (Colour Therapy)

Self selective soul therapy

Aura-Soma has been described as a self selective soul therapy. Vicky Wall, the innovator of Aura-Soma, was fond of saying that “the greater guide is within you”. The main part of the therapy, are the equilibrium bottles, previously known as Balance bottles, 111 bottles, each one as beautiful as the next. In a consultation, 4 bottles are chosen. Each bottle has two colours and contains a mixture of herbal essences, herbal extracts, and crystal energy. The top fraction contained coloured essential oils and tinctures of crystal energy. The bottom fraction contained coloured herbal extracts, tinctures of gems, and water from the well at Glastonbury.

Typically, the first bottle chosen represents one’s life purpose; the second, one’s life lessons, challenges, and gifts and talents; the third, where one is now in relation to one’s purpose and challenges or gifts: the fourth, the energy one is creating or drawing to oneself in preparation for the next step.

It is said that the people that are initially attracted to Aura-Soma are on their spiritual path or at a crossroads in their lives. Many of us become stuck and don’t know where to go next. Aura-Soma can help shed some light on the situation.

There are four other parts to Aura-Soma, Pomanders, Quintessances, Archangeloi Essences, and Colour Essences.


A fragrance and colour combination containing plant and herb extracts in an alcohol solution. Essentially protective, the pomanders filter out negative energy, allowing positive energy to enter, and act to help strengthen and repair damage to the energetic field that surrounds the physical body.

How to select and apply a Pomander

Most frequently, the colour in the base fraction of the first bottle selected suggests the colour of the pomander that will be most useful. There are times when other Pomanders may seem to be needed or appropriate and that is fine. Often our response to the aroma of the Pomander will also be indicative of which one we need.

To apply a Pomander place three drops in the palm of your left hand and rub both your palms together. Reach your hands above your head, imagining that you are offering the Pomander to the world, and back into your right hand. Gently offer the energies of the Pomander through your energy field, beginning at the crown and moving through every chakra and energy station. Rest for a while at the heart, offering caring to all that concerns you, and then move through the solar plexus to the root. Offer the energies to the earth, imagining the energies of the Pomander connecting with your earth star and penetrating deeply into the layers of the earth. Then with your palms together, bring your hands up to your face and allow yourself to take three deep breaths of the aroma into your own body.


Combinations of fragrance and pastel colours that connect us with the deeper aspect of our being and align us with those in the subtle realms who have committed themselves to the evolution of consciousness upon the earth and the unfolding of the Divine plan.

Each Quintessence {with the exception of the Holy Grail and Solar logos} is paired with one of the Equilibrium bottles in the Master set {50 through 64}: both the bottle and the Quintessance bear the name of the Master.

To apply a Quintessance

Place three drops on your left wrist and gently rub your wrists together. Extend your arms above your head, offering the energies of the Quintessance to the world. At the same time feel for a sense of contact with spirit. Then gently bring your hands down and cross your wrists over your crown. Continue to open and close your arms, crossing them over each energy centre, as if you were folding the energies around you. When you come to your heart centre, rest there for a few moments with your hands crossed at your wrists. Then continue on, drawing the energies through your lower energy centres finally offering the Quintessance to the earth. Then move your hands in backward spirals, moving out from, and upward in front of, your body until you again give the energies away to the world. Finally bring your palms together at your forehead and deeply inhale three times the aroma of the Quintessance into your body.

The Archangeloi

These are the most recent component of the Aura-Soma system. As spirits of fire in the spiritual hierarchy, they seem to have appeared at this point to help us step free of conditioned patterns and to stimulate dormant seeds significant for the unfolding of the higher plan on the earth. They, like other angels, are messengers of the Divine, functioning as a high order of mediators between humans and the divine. Archangeloi particularly support the folk spirit of a country or a group, guiding and over lighting the land those who are helping to bring forth the essence of that place. The Archangeloi work with us particularly during points of transition, giving guidance through the etheric body and helping to awaken us to our part in a greater plan. They are of the appropriate intensity and vibration for our personal auric field. Spraying the liquid of the Archangeloi into your auric field invites the energies of the archangels into your aura.

The Colour Essences

Like the Pomanders, Colour Essences relate to and represent the colours in the Aura-Soma range, and not specific bottles. The Colour Essences carry the energetic qualities of each colour. They form a contact between the mental and emotional subtle energy of the upper and lower astral fields and the electromagnetic field immediately around the physical body, in the area between those affected by the Pomanders and Quintessances. They work specifically from the layer related to the Ananda Kanda. The Colour Essences have a centering quality that facilitates our connection to the earth that helps us to be practical and to ground our full being in our intended creative endeavours.

Colour Essences were developed to support the work of the Equilibrium bottles, helping us to integrate the energies of the plant, mineral, and colour kingdoms. We can choose the colour we wish to use based on the colour of the equilibrium bottle with which we’re working, or we can make our choice based on the chakra to which we feel we would like to attune at the time. In addition to supporting the colours we are already working with, Colour Essences are a way to experience colours that are not already in our colour selection, if we feel a need for a particular colour.

As a registered Level 3 Aura-Soma Practitioner I also sell all of the above Products. I have also taken the Bridge course and offer Introduction days to Aura-Soma on a regular basis.