Distant Healing

Send to anyone, anywhere in the world at anytime

Distant Healing or Absent Healing can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world at anytime.

After being attuned to Reiki level 11 it is possible to send Healing.

Distant Healing is just as effective as putting your hands on.

Carol offers Distant Healing to everyone who asks for it free of charge. E-mail her at info@absolutehealing.ie with a brief description of the problem.

All Carol asks is that you give her a bit of feedback from time to time.

Carol sends Distant Healing most evenings. She also sends it once a month at the Reiki Share meeting {where lots of practitioners send it too} and also when she teaches Reiki.

The person you are sending the healing to doesn’t have to be present or even need to know they are being sent Reiki. That is the wonderful thing about distant healing.

Distant Healing can be sent to Adults, Children, Animals, and People in a coma. It can even be sent to situations EG; Exams, interviews, Countries etc.