Indian Head Massage

Relieve stress and tension

Indian Head Massage is performed on the upper back, head and face. While working on the upper back, all the major muscles are worked on, helping to relieve stress and tension, which has accumulated there. It also aids removal of lactic acid {waste} from the muscles.

There are various pressure points on the head and neck that are worked on also.

The pressure points on the face will help relieve tension, sinus pain, migraine and many more ailments.

Aromatherapy oils can also be used. This will enhance the treatment.

Indian Head Massage is suitable for nearly everyone, as it can be done while the client is seated.

Some of the benefits include:
  1. Sleep very well
  2. Don’t have headaches, or less frequent
  3. Have more energy
  4. Think more clearly
  5. Feel good all over

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