Some of Carol's Clients in Their Own Words


It was the best nights sleep I had in ages. I slept through 2 alarms. I felt as if I was floating on air. I was full of energy the next day and felt ready for anything.


Was delighted with the relief I felt from my sinus pain. And continue to work on my hands myself. It was also great to try the treatment for half price during World Reflexology Week.


I am a male in my late 30’s that does shift work. I attended Carol during World Reflexology week for the first time. It was at the end of a week of nights for me, which can be very stressful and plays havoc with your system. I definitely felt more relaxed at the end of the treatment and found it assisted in bringing my body clock back into sync. I would hope to continue using Reflexology at the end of night work as an aid to helping me regularise my body clock.

Anne Carey, Arklow

I have just finished a Crystal Healing Course with Carol and really enjoyed it. It is the third course I have done with Carol, the first two being Reiki I and Reiki II, Carol is a very informed and accommodating teacher who makes each experience a both of which I enjoyed equally as much. I look forward to enjoying more courses in the future with her joy.


I came to Carol with really bad pain in my knee. After a couple of acupuncture treatments, my knee felt great. I now come for regular treatments, my way of looking after myself.


I brought my 2 week old baby to Carol for some reflexology. It had been suggested to me by a friend whom had brought their own baby to Carol. Both babies had constipation. My partner came with me and it was great that Carol showed us both how to do it on our baby. Within a few treatments, the problem resolved itself. My daughter loves it now and reflexology really pacifies her when she gets upset.

Lauren B

I came to Carol two years ago during a stressful time in my life. She recommended I try Reiki and Acupuncture which I found hugely beneficial for my stress management and it also helped greatly improve underlying health conditions with which I had been suffering. I would definitely recommend going for a session with Carol. She is a lovely person and gives 100% of herself towards helping others.

Eileen B

I have attended Carol for various treatments over the past 10 years, mostly Reflexology and Reiki. Both of which I have found to be very beneficial to my everyday health. My husband has had various treatments over the years for both everyday health and sports related injuries, Reflexology & Acupuncture for sinus problems & massage including cupping massage. Our daughter really enjoys going to Carol’s to relax! She is only 9 and loves having her time lying on the bed having Reiki. We also attended a mother and child reflexology day, which was great fun. All of the treatments have had positive results for us. The benefit of feeling rested and full of energy at the same time, after a Reiki session is great, having your body ‘put back together’.

John B

Thanks to Carol doing a couple of acupuncture treatments on me, the frozen shoulder that’s been giving me trouble for months is sorted. If I’d a known it was going to be that easy to fix, I would have come to see her a long time ago.

Fiona, Kildare

Words will never express the gratitude I feel towards Carol. I have suffered with lower back pain flair ups for years and having seen quite a few therapists over the years Carol is in a league of her own!
The woman is truly gifted! Her knowledge coupled with her inate wisdom and caring attitude gets right to the root of the 'issue'. Carol's ability to mix where needed her therapies is truly unique and anyone who has the privilege of having Carol assist them on their road to wellness is truly blessed!
I cannot recommend Carol highly enough!


Carol is an amazing therapist and teacher. She's great at what she does and her work is very effective and relaxing. She's constantly updating her skills and knowledge and can bring so many skills to each treatment. Her teaching style is fun too. I would definitely recommend treating yourself to a treatment and/or workshop with Carol Kenny.