An ancient therapeutic treatment

Reflexology is an ancient therapeutic treatment in evidence thousands of years ago. A painting discovered in Saggara, Egypt, in the tombs of Ankmahon, the physician shows a reflexology treatment in progress. The painting dates back to about 2330BC. There is also evidence that Reflexology was commonly practiced in China.

Reflexology Egypt

Reflexology as we know it today originated with the work of the American Physician Doctor William Fitzgerald {1872-1924} who developed his “Zone Therapy” and divided the body into ten longitudinal zones.

Doctor Joseph Shelly-Riley and his wife, true believers in Dr Fitzgerald work, wrote several books including Zone therapy Simplified {1919}. Dr Riley is particularly renowned as the teacher of Eunice Ingram, who is regarded by many to be the founder of modern reflexology. Eunice died in 1974 at the age of 85, and it is true to say that it is due to her efforts that reflexology is so popular today. It is a fast growing therapy worldwide and it has become increasingly accepted over the years by practitioners of conventional medicine. This is increasingly evident as many health care providers are now offering cover for this therapy, including VHI, Laya Healthcare, and Hibernian. Many of the maternity hospitals across the country recommend reflexology during Pregnancy as it can help mother and baby.

It is also recommended by fertility doctors that before you consider having I.V.F, to have about 10 sessions of Reflexology.

Reflexology is a simple, non invasive, harmless and natural way to optimum health. Firm pressure is applied through the thumbs and fingers to reflex points which are located on all parts of the feet. Reflexologists believe that every organ and structure in the body is mapped on the feet. By applying pressure on these points, all the organs, glands and structures of the body can be stimulated and encouraged to heal.

Reflexology Egypt

Through this introduction you may be able to alleviate a whole host of common conditions such as headaches, backache, digestive problems, menstrual problems, arthritis, asthma, influenza, insomnia and much more.

It is important to realise however that reflexology shouldn’t be used instead of orthodox medical treatment. If problems persist, then medical advice should be sought.

Benefits of Reflexology:
  1. The sudden surge of vibrant energy generated by reflexology massage rejuvenates the physical body, calms the emotional body, and inspires our creativity and much more.
  2. For the healthy person reflexology offers:
    1. A pleasant form of deep relaxation
    2. Relief from fear, anxiety and frustration
    3. Rejuvenation that reenergises mind, body and soul
    4. Increased vitality and confidence
    5. Improved quality of sleep
    6. A feeling of wellbeing / wholeness
    7. Restored balance
    8. An opportunity for personal transformation, growth and individual development
For the less healthy, reflexology offers:
  1. Counteracts fatigue
  2. Soothes nervousness, worry and fear
  3. Eases aches pain and discomfort
  4. Reduces tension by relaxing the musculature
  5. Improves circulation
  6. Cleanses the body of impurities
  7. Calms hyperactive, over productive parts
  8. Relieves and deals with the root cause of discomfort

Reflexology is suitable for the whole family. Very young babies, suffering from colic or constipation, can be treated successfully. Their parents can also benefit by attending the two day introductory course so they can learn to do it on their family, without causing any harm.

Reflexology can also be combined with massage i.e. Combining a Reflexology session and Back Massage at the same time is fantastic.

Why not give it a go!