Reflexology (Facial)

Benefits similar to foot reflexology

The benefits of Facial Reflexology are similar to foot Reflexology except it is done on the face. Treatments vary and depend largely on a client’s health issues and on the practitioners experience. There is a choice to incorporate facial reflexology into a foot reflexology session, while another might offer the service on its own. Facial reflexology alone can be from 60 mins to a 90 mins treatment. Clients remain fully clothed and lie face-up on a massage table. Facial reflexology generally does not incorporate oils,but as I am also a qualified aromatherapist, I use an organic oil and serum throughout the treatment. Warm towels, moistened washcloths, eye pillows, or a lightly scented mist are some of the other extras used to enhance the treatment. As I’m also a qualified Acupuncturist and do acupuncture facial rejuvenation, I also incorporate guasha and also use jade and rose quartz rollers.

The treatment will probably start with some light movements over the entire face and gentle stroking up toward the hairline and out toward the ears. When focusing on pressure points around the face, the practitioner may move in small circles to stimulate these points or simply rest the fingers with slight pressure on each spot. There is gentle massage at the start of the treatment on the shoulders and again at the end to also include the hair and head.

Pure luxury.

facial reflexology