Holistic treatment originating from Japan

Reiki is a holistic treatment which originated in Japan. As in many disciplines from the East, it is noted that when the Qi {Life force energy} is free flowing, people are generally healthier and happier. Reiki was brought to the west in the 1950s. Since the 1980s it has flourished in the western world and become very popular. Reiki is now widely used in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, schools and by many individuals for personal healthcare and wellbeing.


Reiki is an ancient non-intrusive complementary therapy. A hands on healing technique, Reiki enhances the body’s own innate ability to heal itself on all levels. It helps restore balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit. The energy involved in Reiki healing is the universal energy that surrounds all life. Reiki is used throughout the world by people of all creeds and belief systems. I have had the pleasure of training with Priests, nuns, doctors, nurses and lay people. Reiki can benefit everyone.

The two ways to experience Reiki energy are to have a Reiki treatment from a Reiki practitioner or to learn how to use it for yourself. You can learn Reiki 1 in a weekend. I have been teaching Reiki for the past Ten years and have had great joy in seeing how it transforms peoples’ lives, for the better. I teach Reiki to Adults and children.

We all have an energy field {Aura} surrounding our physical body. As we go through life we place demands on this energy field. During a Reiki treatment this energy field re-energises. Reiki restores the natural balance of the body, providing deep relaxation and bringing a sense of peace and well-being. It is called universal life energy because it draws upon the healing energy of the universe rather than the energy of the practitioner. I have had the pleasure of been trained by the country’s top Reiki Masters and also by Kathleen Milner.

I channel high frequency Reiki, Seichem, Sakara, Sophei-El and Angeliclight energies while I work.

Reiki is not intrusive since the energy will pass through clothing, bandages, plaster casts or braces and the client remains fully clothed.

What to expect during a Reiki Treatment

I will complete a client consultation form and explain how Reiki works. Reiki is non intrusive. The client remains fully clothed during the treatment. I follow a sequence of movements over the body, depending on where the energy is needed the most. Generally clients feel a deep sense of relaxation, heat, tingling, coolness and energy flowing during a Reiki Treatment. Usually a Reiki treatment lasts an hour. Someone who has a chronic condition is usually advised to have a weekly Reiki treatment for four to six weeks for the energy to build up in the system. I usually explain to clients that it’s like going on a course of antibiotics. It’s usually after the second or third day that you start to feel better, but you need to complete the course in order to give your body a chance to recover. I can then review treatment plans. People with acute conditions may notice lasting improvements after two sessions. No two cases are the same, as Reiki works on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Reiki Star Wars Some Benefits of Reiki:
  1. Helps boost the immune system
  2. Accelerates the healing process after injuries and surgery
  3. Reduces stress and increases energy
  4. Promotes relaxation
  5. Improves focus and clarity of mind
  6. Enhances self-confidence
  7. Helps with the grieving process
  8. Complements other therapies
  9. Benefits chronic and acute medical conditions
  10. Helps to maintain health and wellbeing

If you wish to learn Reiki for yourself or to practise it professionally, check out the dates on the website.